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KUCHAI - Notice of Book Closure


Distribution of 17,584,030 ordinary shares in Sungei Bagan Rubber Company (Malaya) Berhad ("Sg Bagan"), representing all of the 26.51% equity interest held by Kuchai Development Berhad ("KDB") in Sg Bagan, to the entitled shareholders of KDB by way of dividend-in-specie ("Dividend-In-Specie")

Kindly be advised of the following : 


1)  The above Company's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Dividend” as from: 17 Aug 2022
2)  The last date of lodgment : 18 Aug 2022




We refer to the announcements dated 22 April 2022, 13 May 2022 and 8 June 2022 in relation to the Dividend-In-Specie as well as the circular to shareholders of KDB in relation to the Dividend-In-Specie dated 15 July 2022 ("Circular"). Unless otherwise stated, the terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the said announcements and the Circular.


The shareholders of KDB whose names appear in the Record of Depositors of KDB as at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, 18 August 2022 ("Entitlement Date") shall be entitled to the Dividend-In-Specie ("Entitled Shareholders"). The Entitled Shareholders will not be required to pay for their entitlements to the Distributable Shares and will receive their entitlements at no cost.


Based on the total issued share capital of KDB of RM63,669,533 comprising 123,747,334 KDB Shares, the Distributable Shares are expected to be distributed on the basis of approximately 0.142 Sg Bagan Shares for every one (1) KDB Share held by the Entitled Shareholders as at the Entitlement Date. For illustrative purpose, an Entitled Shareholder holding 1,000 KDB Shares will be entitled to receive 142 Sg Bagan Shares from the Dividend-In-Specie


The actual number of Distributable Shares which the Entitled Shareholders will receive under the Dividend-In-Specie will be calculated based on the following formula:


(Number of Sg Bagan Shares held by KDB / Number of KDB Shares in issue) x Number of KDB Shares held by the Entitled Shareholder as at the Entitlement Date]


Fractional entitlements to the Distributable Shares, if any, will be disregarded and dealt with in such manner or terms as the Board in its absolute discretion deems fit and expedient, and in the best interest of the Company.


Announcement Info

Stock Name KUCHAI
Date Announced 04 Aug 2022
Category Listing Circular
Reference Number ILC-04082022-00002

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