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The Board of Directors of KHIND HOLDINGS BERHAD (380310-D) ("the Company") wishes to

announce that pursuant to paragraph 10.09 of Bursa Securities Listing Requirements, the
Company proposes to seek shareholders' approval to renew the Shareholders' Mandate for
Recurrent Related Party Transactions of a revenue or trading nature as set out in the Circular to
Shareholders dated 29 April 2005 and to enter into new Recurrent Related Party Transactions.
This Shareholders' Mandate approved by the Company's shareholders at the Ninth Annual
General Meeting ("AGM") of the Company held on 31 May 2005 will expire at the conclusion of the
forthcoming Tenth AGM, unless renewal is obtained from the shareholders at the forthcoming
Tenth AGM. The Company is also seeking shareholders' mandate to enter into additional recurrent
related party transactions.

The Proposed Renewal of and Approval for Additional Shareholders' Mandate, if approved by
the shareholders at the forthcoming Tenth AGM, will enable the Company and its subsidiaries to
continue entering into the Recurrent Related Party Transactions with the related parties which are
necessary for the Group's day to day operations. The Recurrent Related Party Transactions are
in the ordinary course of business, made at arm's length, on normal commercial terms and on terms
not more favourable to the related parties than those generally available to the public and are not
detrimental to minority shareholders.

A Circular to Shareholders in relation to the Proposed Renewal of and Approval for Additional
Shareholders' Mandate will be attached with Company's Annual Report 2005 to be distributed to the
shareholders together with the Notice of the forthcoming Tenth AGM in due course.

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Stock Name KHIND    
Date Announced15 Mar 2006  
CategoryGeneral Announcement
Reference NoKH-060315-29917